Statley Family Support

The Statley family - Matt, Nicole, Marcos, Isaiah and Elias - have been serving at New Hope Peru since moving to Arequipa, Peru in 2017. Matt and Nicole met at Ozark Christian College and shared the same passion for bringing people of other cultures to a knowledge and understanding of the love of Jesus. They participated in foster care for 2 years in Longmont, Colorado and God has used those experiences and many more as they have served at New Hope. The Statley family is officially joining the staff at New Hope as Matt will be serving as the Director of Operations onsite in Arequipa. He will continue with much of the work he has been doing over the past 4 years, as well as giving guidance to the Peruvian staff team as they work to better the lives of the children and families at New Hope, and implementing business plans to generate funds locally to fund New Hope's ministry. Your financial support and prayers for their family as they continue to serve with us are greatly appreciated! 

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