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In early July we received a phone call from the director of child services, begging us to take in a 14-month-old girl with a severe cleft palate and lip. She had been abandoned 3 months earlier and placed in a local children's home but they did not have the capacity to properly care for her. At 14-months-old she weighed only 11 pounds and needed immediate intervention to save her life. 


When we received the call to take her in, no other children's home in the city was willing to accept her due to the high burden and cost of care to effectively meet her needs. We knew we did not have the funds to do this either, and yet we felt compelled to stretch wide the arms of Jesus and bring this child in as we serve as His hands here in Arequipa.


We immediately pursued medical care for sweet K and were able to get a feeding tube placed to provide her with the nutrition she has never been able to obtain through eating on her own. When she gains enough strength, she will begin the process of getting her cleft palate and lip surgically repaired. 


At this time, we estimate K's care expenses between now and the end of 2021 will be about $12,000. Some of the expenses we are needing to cover include:


  • Two full-time caregivers (one worker for each of the two shifts each week) 
  • Specialized formula to help meet her nutritional needs and gain strength
  • Orthotic retainer to fill her palate and allow her to learn to eat 
  • Multiple surgical procedures to begin repairing her cleft palate 
  • Part-time nurse to provide medical support to her caregivers with the feeding tube and upcoming post-surgical care


As we move forward with caring for K, we are praying that the Lord would provide the funds we need to give her the care she needs. We invite you to come alongside us in this way to help provide for her needs.


Any funds that come in above the $12,000 goal will be used to meet K's ongoing care needs in 2022. The current goal is to cover needs through the end of 2021. 

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