Casita Sponsorship

Casita Sponsors give monthly to help provide for the needs of children at New Hope. 

Building a community is one significant focus of the work we do at New Hope, which is reflected in our sponsorship program as well. 

Several key features of the community set-up at New Hope are:

  • Children live in family-size casitas (“little houses”, or in our case, apartments) with about 4-6 other children and a house parent to care for them. This helps to promote attachment and give the kids a sense of family life, which is so important for their futures.
  • Birthdays and special achievements are celebrated within these family groups, which again helps to create a sense of intimacy and familiarity for the kids and moves away from the insitutional nature of many long-term care homes. 
  • Outings and special projects are generally planned for the casitas, rather than for individual children, which is another chance for the kids to experience life as part of a “family unit” – a far different experience from most residential care homes. 

Casita sponsorships give supporters the chance to invest in and connect with a community, rather than an individual child.

  • New sponsors are matched with a casita and receive a group photo, along with a summary of the kids in that group. 
  • Sponsors typically receive updates twice a year about the casita and some of the significant moments in the kids’ lives, along with some specific ways to be praying for the children. 
  • As new children come or current children return to family when possible, the stability of the group remains and sponsors will continue to have their connection to the casita.
  • Sponsors are welcome to send letters of encouragement to their casita, and even interact with the kids through a video chat or by coming to meet them at New Hope! You can also donate toward birthday and Christmas gifts for the children in your casita! 

In these ways, donors are able to connect with specific children and engage in the community based model of our home. 

This is a great opportunity for families, church groups, and individuals who are looking to connect in a personal way. 

* Please note: sponsorship donations are combined with those of other donors and used to benefit all children at New Hope, which ensures that all children receive equal care whether they are fully sponsored or not. 


Suggested Donations

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