Medical care for Luis


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Luis and his 3 siblings came to New Hope after it was discovered that Luis had been suffering terrible abuse at another local children's home. Luis was hospitalized in the ICU for several weeks and nearly didn't survive his injuries. He has now recovered enough to join his siblings at New Hope and is receiving the full-time care needed to recover from his physical injuries and emotional trauma. 

At this time, we estimate Luis' medical care expenses to be about $30,000, including the following costs:

  • $10,000 hospital bill to be paid
  • $3,700 for colostomy bag supplies for the next 6 months until the colostomy can hopefully be reversed 
  • $8,000 for additional medical care, nursing supplies and two upcoming surgeries 
  • Additional staff to provide individualized care for Luis as well as a part-time nurse to help with his in-home medical care

We invite you to come alongside New Hope by helping to cover these expenses for Luis' immediate care. Any funds that come in beyond our estimate will be used to meet Luis' ongoing care needs and the needs of his siblings. 

Thank you for partnering with us as we serve Luis with the love of Jesus. 

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